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Mobile Odin is the latest on device android rooting and flashing tool. Download mobile Odin is a user friendly and simple Android flashing tool supports for Android devices. Odin apk allows customization of kernel files and firmware without activating the recovery mode on mobile Odin download. Odin 3.10 update released by the XDA developers recently. Odin 3.10.0 version includes some improvements than the odin 3.09 version. Custom ROMs are bit different from stock ROMs. As well as modifications of interface and performance. Download odin 3.10.0 latest version and flash your device.

odin free download

Official Odin tool free download

The new iteration of ODIN comes with some enhancements than the ODIN 3.09 version. So if you want to flash the latest custom ROMs with the new well modifications of the Odin application download the Odin 3.10.0 version and flash your Android based device easily than before. As you probably know that the ODIN tool is one of the most popular flashing tool used by Samsung users to install custom ROMs, custom Kernels, stock OTA firmware zip files and other custom files.

Requirements of Odin 3.10, Odin 3.09 & Odin 3.07

  • Computer with windows operating system.
  • Samsung Latest USB Drivers (install if you dont have already).
  • ABD and FASTBOOT tools for the device.
  • Android USB Cable.
  • PIT and TAR (Rom files of Samsung android).

How to install Odin 3.10 application – Steps guide.

  • Step 1: Download Samsung Odin 3.10 zip file using our direct odin download links.
  • Step 2: Attach your Samsung Android phone to computer using USB data cable.
  • Step 3: Now turn off your Android phone 30 seconds & then switch it on.
  • Step 4: Now you can open the Odin 3.10 download tool which you installed in pervious step 1.
  • Step 5: Then Click “Auto Reboot” and click “PIT” (PIT is the another option to downloading files on android odin.)
  • Step 6: Choose the PIT file & click “Start”. The installation will 100% complete when your Android phone auto reboot
  • Samsung Odin is the ROM Flashing tool for SAMSUNG Android Smart phone and tablets devices. Including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc.

Odin troubleshoot and error handling

  • Stuck the device at boot logo.
  • Switch into DL mode and retry.
  • Got “Failed”, “odin is nonfunctional” or stuck.
  • No need to worry about. unplug your device, reconnect, Switch Odin into DL mode and retry.



Root your Samsung Android device

Rooting is jailbreaking for Androids and allows users to dive deeper into a phone’s sub-system. Essentially, it’ll allow you to access the entire operating system and be able to customize just about anything on your Android. With root access, you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer or carrier may have applied. You can run more apps, you can overclock or underclock your processor, replace the firmware. The process requires users to back up current software and flashing (installing) a new custom ROM.


odin 3.10

 Download Odin download direct links

Samsung Odin is the ROM Flashing tool for SAMSUNG Android Smart phone and tablets devices. Including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc. You can get Latest Odin from our Odin Download dedicated page. Download Odin and flash / Install Custom ROM to your Samsung android device. In Order to install Custom ROMs for Android phones you need Root access. Custom ROM is made through official OTA firmware and others files.  Odin is widely used for Firmware Updates, installing Custom ROM and Kernels for android devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting Samsung galaxy device


  • Rooting immediately voids your phone’s warranty
  • Rooting involves the risk of “bricking” your phone
  • Poor performance
  • Viruses


  • Running special applications
  • Freeing up memory
  • Custom ROM’s

Reasons to Root your Samsung galaxy Smartphone

  • get more apps
  • Latest OS Updates
  • Bloat Banishment
  • Battery Life Boosts
  • Extreme Customization
  • Infinite Features
  • A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Better Backup

Download odin 3.10.0 latest version and Flash Samsung android device

Odin is the latest ROM flashing tool available for Android users currently. This latest Odin tool has developed by XDA developers. Now you can download Odin 3.10, the latest Odin download version which released recently. Newly released Odin 3.10 download flashing tool is capable of installing custom ROMs and your Android device. Download Odin 3.10 to customize your Android Smartphone which is not available on android based devices officially. You can fully free download all Odin tools from below link.

Free Odin download links

odin 3.10

Download Odin to latest android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4, tablets etc. but Mac users are not able to download Odin yet and download Odin only for Windows based computers.

Odin download requirements

  • Windows Pc
  • USB connection cable
  • Latest Samsung USB drivers
  • FASTBOOT TOOLs & ADB for the Samsung Android device
  • Samsung Android ROM files (PIT, TAR)

How to Flash android device using Odin download- watch the video

Odin download Guide in steps

1 step: Odin 3.10 or proper version download for your Android device

2 step: Plug in the Android device to the PC

3 step: Quit the device for 30 seconds and after 30 seconds switch on the device

4 step: Launch Odin download application

5 step: Click on ‘Auto Reboot’

6 step: Choose PIT file and click “Start’

Final step: The process now will be completed by itself.

Credits for Odin download developers

Odin download application developed by XDA Developers.