Download Odin 3.10 / 3.09 samsung odin

Odin 3.10. download

The popular tool used by Samsung users to flash custom ROMs, kernels, official OTA Updates zip files and other similar files has reached a new variant, the Odin. The current latest version of Odin tool is Odin 3.10.0. After Odin 3.09 this latest version updated for Andoid users recently by XDA developers.

Odin 3.10

  You can download 3.10.0 from here

Samsung Odin 3.10.0 and other Odin versions require followings

  • Working Windows OS PC
  • ADB & FASTBOOT TOOLS for the device
  • Android USB cable

Read me before Use Odin flash tool

  • Follow our tutorial to have a successful flash on your android smartphone
  • Backup the device before launch Odin
  • Latest Odin version download always
  • Download and accept Custom ROM with your device.
  • Some Samsung phones are different and each one asks various procedures to rooting & flashing via custom ROMs

Download Odin 3.09 – samsung odin

Samsung Odin is the ROM Flashing tool for SAMSUNG Android Smart phone and tablets devices. Including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc. You can get Latest Odin from our Odin Download dedicated page.

Download Odin and flash / Install Custom ROM to your Samsung android device. In Order to install Custom ROMs for Android phones you need Root access. Custom ROM s are made through official OTA firmware and others files.  Odin is widely used for Firmware Updates, installing Custom ROM and Kernels for android devices (Samsung android devices)

odin (1)

download odin 3.09

Custom kernels, however, are sometimes provided in .tar format by their developers (e.g. CF-Root kernels), so that they can be flashed by Odin. When your phone is new and running official firmware you most often cannot flash a custom ROM to it because a Samsung phone often requires a custom recovery and root rights that are included in a custom kernel to be able to flash custom ROMs. That’s why Odin often comes in handy in rooting and flashing a custom firmware to your phone because you (often) can flash a custom kernel with it that already includes root and custom recovery and enables you to flash custom firmware (custom ROMs). I use the word “often” very frequently in the previous sentence because every Samsung smartphone is different and requires various procedures for rooting it and flashing custom ROMs (see the section about using Odin below). 

The new version of ODIN allows you to flash different files such as .tar, .tar.md5 file extensions, but unfortunately, the .zip files aren’t recognized. If the update files are available as a .zip file then you should use a suitable unzip software such as 7zip application available via the web.

How to install samsung Odin application – Step by step guide.

    • Step 1: Download the samsung odin zip file using our direct download links and install.
    • Step 2: Connect your Samsung Android phone to PC via USB cable.
    • Step 3: Turn off your phone 30 seconds and then switch it on.
    • Step 4: Open the Samsung odin download tool which you install in step 1.
    • Step 5: Click “Auto Reboot” and click “PIT” (PIT is the another option to downloading files on android odin.)
    • Step 6: Select the PIT file and click “Start”. The installation will complete when your Android phone reboots automatically.

Odin download 3.0.9 video guide

When you want, to use the ODIN v 3.09 version you need to install the suitable USB drivers for your Android based device on your PC. You can download the Samsung USB drivers from here.

In additional the ODIN application needs to have enabled the USB Debugging from the Developer Options menu in order to recognize your device.

Note: If the USB Debugging option doesn’t appear in Developer Options menu then you should go to the ‘about phone’ section and from there scroll down and find the ‘build number’ and tap seven times on this section. Now the Developer Options will be displayed in the device’s settings menu.

You can also flash some hacks, kernels, custom ROMs, bootloaders and even repartition the device. Odin 3.07 does them all. Just download Odin 3.07 and the necessary files, make sure to tick the tight checkboxes and in a couple of minutes you will be done.

But please note that it’s very important to tick the right checkboxes. Otherwise you might brick your device permanently. Our guides tell you exactly what to do with Odin, so make sure to read and follow them carefully. Everything is tested by us, so if you listen to our advices, you will be safe.

Now that you learned something about Odin, you can download it by using the direct download links below.


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